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Mission Statement

Aftermath 4 You NFP provides support for adolescents in the black and brown community who are victims or witnesses of traumatic events within high-crime areas of Illinois. Our mission is to equip them with clinical tools, skills, and resources to cope with the aftermath properly.


About Aftermath 4 You NFP

Aftermath 4 You NFP was founded by Dr. Kamettea Clark, a resilient individual who, born and raised in Chicago, witnessed firsthand the impact of trauma and adversity. Raised by a single mother, Ms. Hunt, who courageously stood up against an abusive relationship, Dr. Clark grew up in the challenging environment of the inner city. She faced traumatic events, including the sight of her first dead body as a 5th grader and witnessing various forms of abuse within her community. Despite these challenges, Dr. Clark's mother's perseverance and commitment to family values became a guiding light, shaping her into a wife, mother, mentor, and now the owner of a nonprofit organization - Aftermath 4 You NFP.


Vision Statement

The vision of Aftermath 4 You NFP is to create a supportive environment where mentorship, tutoring, counseling, and resources are readily available for youth who lack family support while living in high-crime areas. We envision a future where every young individual, regardless of their circumstances, can break free from the cycle of trauma and adversity. 

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